About Us

Harmony Community Cleaning 

Harmony Community Cleaning is unique collaboration between the Canberra Karen Community and United Voice; the union that supports cleaning workers. The Karen Community is a migrant community from Burma that have settled in Canberra and want to participate fully in our community.

Harmony Community Cleaning is a unique is a social enterprise in the cleaning industry as it is owned and run by the workers. Our vision is to create a competitive and innovative business, based on democratic work practices and ethical employment standards, which supports the Karen community to fully participate in the Australian community.

Our enterprise is built on fairness, dignity, equity, collaboration and our goals are financial independence and self determination. As a "not for profit" organisation, after we pay our workers, and business administration costs, any profits we do make are invested back into our community.

Through the success of our business we can continue to develop the members of our community through professional and personal development so they can continue to grow and thrive in their adopted home, Canberra.